Adoption Process

Preliminary Application

Full Service Adoptions:

If you are interested in adoption and are curious about New Life, your first step is to complete and submit our Preliminary Application. Once submitted and reviewed, if approved, you will be notified and invited to attend our next Information Meeting.

Limited Service Adoptions:

If you are interested in working with us for any part of the adoption process, your first step is to complete and submit our Preliminary Application. Once submitted and reviewed, if approved, our Director of Adoption will contact you to discuss next steps.

Information Meeting

At the Information Meeting, you will learn more about New Life’s history, our adoption process, legal information concerning birth parents rights, and much more. Upon attending the Information Meeting, you will receive our Formal Adoption Application. You have one year to complete and submit the application to us. If a year lapses and you have not submitted the Formal Adoption Application, prior to continuing forward in the adoption process, you will be required to attend another Information Meeting to learn of any changes that have occurred in the past year.

Formal Adoption Application

As stated above, families have one year to complete and submit the Formal Adoption Application. Once submitted and reviewed, if approved, you will receive a letter indicating that your application was approved. You will also be asked to pay the $500 Application Fee at this time. You will then be put on our waiting list until we are ready to start your home study. Your wait could be a couple of weeks or a few months. Depending on the number of families we are currently working with. Once we are ready to start your home study, you will receive another letter and a financial contract outlining the services to be rendered and the respective fees. Upon receipt of your signed contract and your $1000 Program Service Fee, a social worker who has been assigned to you will contact you to schedule your first adoption study meeting.

Home Study Process (also referred to as the Adoption Study)

The home study process at New Life involves a minimum of five meetings and takes an average of four months to complete. A licensed social worker will contact you to schedule your first adoption study meeting. The first and fourth meetings take place at New Life’s office, and both husband and wife must be present, along with your social worker. The second and third meetings, also held at New Life, are individual meetings with each spouse and your social worker. The final meeting is held in your home, again with both husband and wife present, along with your social worker.  If you are open to parenting a child who has a different racial heritage than yourselves you will have one additional meeting held at the Richfield (or Rochester) office.

Upon approval of the adoption study, you will receive a letter from New Life indicating that your adoption study was approved, at which time you will be billed for the adoption study service. Upon payment of the adoption study fee, you are officially moved to “the pool” of waiting families.

Waiting Process – Being Considered by Expectant Parents

After you have been added to the pool of waiting families, you will have on-going contact with your social worker as potential expectant parents request to view adoptive family profiles, called a Request for Summaries (RFS). The adoption social workers receive an RFS from the expectant parent social workers when a expectant mother (and sometimes expectant father) is making an adoption plan and would like to look at profiles of families she may choose to parent her child. You will be presented with this RFS and will have the option of deciding whether or not you would like your profile to be shown to the expectant mother. If your profile is shown to the birth mother, the possibility exists that you may be chosen by that expectant mother. Most expectant parents desire to meet the prospective adoptive family they have chosen.

While waiting we encourage families to continue to educate themselves on parenting and adoption.  You can attend seminars provided by New Life Family Services and/or other seminars/classes through your church or other organizations.  We also encourage you to connect with other adoptive families, to build relationships as well as learn about their adoption experiences.


As an expectant mother continues to receive on-going decision-making counseling, she may choose to set up a face-to-face meeting with you, the prospective adoptive family. If an expectant parent chooses to meet you, your social worker will help you prepare for this meeting. At this meeting, the following parties are present: the expectant mother and her social worker, and you (the adoptive couple) along with your social worker. Depending upon the situation, the expectant father and/or other members of the expectant family may also be present.

After the face-to-face meeting, the expectant mother will develop a plan for the hospital time and any future contact with you, the adoptive family. After the baby is born, the amount of time that you spend at the hospital depends on the birth mother’s hospital plan. Regardless of the expectant mother’s hospital plan, however, you will be present at the hospital for the baby’s discharge, along with your social worker. This time (from the moment you leave the hospital with the child and prior to finalization) is called a fos/adopt (foster adopt) placement.

At times, an expectant parent does not make an adoption plan until after the birth of the child. In these situations, New Life will provide interim care for the baby until an adoption plan can be made. If you are adopting a child after the child has been in interim care or parented by the birth parent for any length of time, New Life requires a transition plan for that child. Your social worker will work closely with you and the interim care giver(s) to ensure that the transition of the child is as smooth and seamless as possible.


Minnesota adoption law requires all adoption agencies to supervise an adoption placement for 90 days after the child is placed in your home. During this time, your social worker will come to your house for a minimum of two visits. These visits are to ensure that the baby is developing normally and he/she is bonding and attaching to you.


After the 90 day supervision period has ended and New Life Family Services approves the placement, you may petition to finalize the adoption in your county’s juvenile court. New Life will assist you in preparing for this hearing and will send all the necessary paperwork directly to the court. At the finalization hearing, a judge legalizes the adoption.

Home Studies for Embryo Adoption

New Life works in collaboration with Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program, a division of Nightlight Christian Adoptions in California, and the National Embryo Donation Center (NEDC) in Tennessee, to provide home studies for prospective adoptive families seeking to adopt embryos for implantation. The home study process is very similar to the process for couples seeking traditional adoption services; however, your social worker will focus on the uniqueness of embryo adoption. Prospective adoptive parents are chosen by birth parents in much the same way as in a traditional open adoption and can expect the possibility of face-to-face meetings and on-going contact. For more information about the Snowflakes program or NEDC, visit each program’s website at


About New Life Family Services

At New Life Family Services, we compassionately open our doors and our hearts to women and men who believe abortion is the “only” solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Through practical and spiritual counsel, we provide education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

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