After the initial application fees, adoption services fees at New Life Family Services are paid after a service is rendered. Your total fee will vary depending on whether or not you are seeking full adoption services or limited adoption services from New Life. Adoption fees are non-negotiable and are not based on income. There may be tax credits and/or other financial assistance available to you through various foundations and other resources (Adoption Financial Resources). For a more detailed explanation of the services New Life provides for all adoptive families, click here to read about the adoption process. For information regarding embryo adoption fees, click here.

A Full Service Adoption means an adoptive family, as well as the birth parent(s), work with New Life throughout the entire adoption journey. No other agency or legal professional is involved.

$50 Informational Meeting fee due with the preliminary application prior to admittance for the informational meeting.
$500 Application fee due upon approval of the formal application. Fee covers the application processing and acceptance into the program.
$1,000 Program Service fee due with signed contract prior to the start of home study process. Fee covers initial administrative staff expenses to begin the adoption study and acceptance as a client.
$3,000 Adoption Study fee due upon adoption study approval.Education: Agency sponsored trainings, one-on-one adoption education, resource recommendations and referrals Meetings and Assessment: Discussion of options in adoption, preparation for parenthood and adoption, openness in adoption, transracial adoption education (if applicable), reference requests, compiling medical, financial, mental health history, other verifications, writing of adoption study which fulfills state-mandated requirements for the adoption study Miscellaneous: Assistance with profile preparation.
$7,000 Birth Parent Services fee due after the “legal risk” period has passed. This fee covers the services provided primarily by the Expectant Parent Unit. Families who do not receive a placement from New Life Family Services are not charged the Birth Parent Services fee. If interim care is necessary, there will be an additional fee of $750. The use of interim care is at the discretion of the birth parent(s) and New Life Family Services in the best interests of the child.Birth Parent Sessions with a social worker: Decision making, adoption planning, openness, grief counseling and support before and after the adoption. These services are available to both birth parents as well as family members.Case Management: ICWA eligibility, Medical Assistance, assistance with referrals to other service providers, pass through fees (when applicable)Placement: Hospital visits, completing paperwork, reviewing specific case risks, entrustment ceremony, liaison with hospital staff, support to birth family
$4,000 Placement Services fee due after the “legal risk” period has passed. This fee covers the services provided primarily by the Adoption Unit staff. Families who do not receive a placement from New Life Family Services are not charged the Placement Services fee. If a Termination of Parental Rights hearing is necessary to facilitate a secure placement, there will be an additional fee of $1,000 for legal services.Case Management: Communication with doctor, hospital, other service providers Adoption facilitation: Compiling social medical histories, birth certificates, compliance with the laws regarding father’s rights and Father’s Adoption Registry, face to face meetings with birth parents, pre-placement meetings with adoptive family, assisting with completing cooperative agreements, Medical Assistance for child, communication with adoptive family Placement: hospital visits, completing paperwork, reviewing specific case risks, entrustment ceremony, transition visits when needed, facilitation of birth parent(s)’ signing of adoption consents, taking guardianship of the child and legal responsibility, support to birth and adoptive families
$2,500 Post-Placement, Post-Adoption Services fee due at the end of the supervision period and prior to finalization.Supervision Visits: State-required visits to document family’s adjustment and attachment Reports: Post-placement report, report to court, certificate of adoption, documentation of child’s well-being and adjustment, assisting with, compiling and submitting documents to court for finalization as required by law (No Attorney Needed)Post-Adoption Services: Requests to update addresses, setting up visits through NLFS, passing along information concerning death or terminal illness (birth parents/adoptee), passing along new medical information from birth family, providing a social worker to facilitate meetings within the first two years after placement, connecting clients with similar circumstances, referrals, forwarding/copying regular correspondence once contact has been made, basic correspondence related questions

The above fees do not include the $70 fee that the Minnesota Department of Human Services charges per individual for background studies. Families will be required to pay this fee upon starting the home study process. It also does not include fees for on-line educational seminars that are required to complete home study process.

New Life charges $500 for updates to the home study. Minnesota law requires an update to the home study annually and in cases of significant changes to the family including but not limited to change in residence.

All fees are due upon the provision of service. Once the service is completed and a fee is paid, the fee is non-refundable. New Life will not submit consent for finalization until fees are paid in full. Call the Administrative Social Worker at 612-746-5658 for information on New Life’s limited service fee structure.

The Home Study fee is reduced to $2000 for returning New Life families if the family returns within two years of the most recent adoption.

A Limited Service Adoption means an adoptive family works with more than one agency and/or legal professional to complete their adoption, and therefore receives limited services from each. Adoptive families in limited service adoptions pay New Life for only the services that are not provided by another agency or attorney. There is $500 Coordination of Services fee in all limited services cases involving another service provider.  It is important to note that when pursuing a Limited Service Adoption, adoptive families may pay more for the various services rendered because multiple professionals are involved. Limited Service Adoption fees tend to be higher because the services do not overlap as they may in a full service adoption. At New Life, our goal is to assist you with your adoption and we strive to make the process as smooth as possible. We have worked with families in many different limited service adoption situations and can likely assist you with yours. If you find yourself in a possible limited service adoption situation, we encourage you to contact us.

Below are some examples of what limited services cases may look like.

  • An adoptive family connects with an agency or expectant parent in a different state to receive a child into their home. The family works with New Life for the home study, post placement and finalization services.
  • New Life is working with an expectant mother who chooses an adoptive family that is working with another adoption agency. The family has completed their home study through the other agency and will also work with that agency for post placement services. However, the adoptive family will receive placement services through New Life.
  • A family is adopting a specific child with the help of an attorney. The family works with New Life to receive home study and post placement services.
  • An adoptive family and an expectant mother have made a connection with each other without the assistance of an agency and the expectant parent(s) do not use New Life’s birth parent services. New Life would provide the home study services since, by law, adoptive families need to have an agency-approved homes study prior to placement of a child.
  • An expectant mother has chosen an adoptive family and is seeking expectant parent counseling from an agency. Under Minnesota law, expectant parents can request counseling about adoption before making a decision and can request adoptive parents to pay for this counseling.

The decision to place a child for adoption is a difficult one and involves unselfish sacrifice. At New Life, we believe it is very important for expectant parents to receive unbiased support and adoption counseling prior to and after placing a child for adoption. Experience tells us that when expectant parents receive adoption counseling and education during the adoption planning process, both expectant parents and adoptive parents have a more stable adoption relationship.

For specific questions regarding Limited Service adoptions through New Life Family Services, contact our Administrative Social Worker by phone at 612-746-5658.

Networking on your own versus a waiting family at New Life

After you have completed the application process and the Adoption Study at New Life Family Services, there are two adoption tracks within the domestic infant adoption program at New Life Family Services to choose from.

Full Service Track

When you enter the full service track, you will be a part of the waiting pool at New Life Family Services. The agency will assist with a match, match meeting(s), and work with the expectant parents. The agency will also assist with placement services and provide ongoing support through your social worker. Families on this track pay the full service adoption fees.

Limited Service Track

Families in the limited service track will network on their own to find their own expectant mother through their own efforts. Families on this track will not be shown to expectant mothers that use the pregnancy services at New Life Family Services. When a family enters the limited service track, New Life Family Services acts as a home study and post placement agency only. Families in this track will be able to take a copy of their home study to other agencies nationwide. Families will complete their home study through New Life and then return at the time of post placement. Families will notify New Life Family Services when they have been matched with an expectant mother. Families on this track pay the following fees to New Life when they have a match, and will pay additional fees to the expectant parent’s agency or attorney:

  • Agency/Facilitator Coordination Fee: $500
  • Interstate Compact Coordination Fee: $500
  • Post Placement & Post Adoption Services: $2500 ($2000 w/o finalization)

About New Life Family Services

At New Life Family Services, we compassionately open our doors and our hearts to women and men who believe abortion is the “only” solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Through practical and spiritual counsel, we provide education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

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