Below is a list of ongoing events and resources for all members of the adoption triad. If you have further questions or are looking for specific information, contact our Post Adoption Social Worker at 612-746-5670.

Seminars for Adoptive Families

Every year, New Life offers an annual post-adoption seminar that usually takes place in October. This seminar is offered to past and current adoptive families. The Post-Adoption Department strives to identify topics that are relevant to current and past adoptive families.

Events For Birth Parents

New Life Family Services is proud to host an Annual Birth Mother Dinner every May on the Friday night before Mother’s Day. This event is held off-site and is free of charge to birth mothers. All other birth mothers are welcome to attend for a nominal fee. Each birth mother is encouraged to bring a guest for a small fee. For more information about this event, call our Post Adoption Social Worker at 612-746-5670.

Resources for all Members of the Adoption Triad

View New Life’s Post Adoption Resources. If you are considering opening your adoption, we recommend the book, How to Open an Adoption: A guide for parents and birth parents of Minors by Patricia Martinez Dorner.

Online Resources

Check out the following links for additional adoption resources. Please note: New Life Family Services does not endorse all viewpoints expressed in the following resources.

For Adoptive families:

Adoption Learning Partners

Adoptive Families Magazine


For Adoptees:

Gazillion Voices: Land of Gazillion Adoptees Magazine

About New Life Family Services

At New Life Family Services, we compassionately open our doors and our hearts to women and men who believe abortion is the “only” solution to an unplanned pregnancy. Through practical and spiritual counsel, we provide education and support with the hope each client will make a life-affirming decision for their unborn child.

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