Post-Adoption Services

Below is an explanation of our post-adoption services. Please note that most post-adoption requests start with an application so that we can best serve you. Follow our post-adoption application process when submitting your application. For general information about post-adoption services in Minnesota, view the Minnesota Department of Human Services’ Practice Guide for Post Adoption Search Services.


While most birth parents and adoptive parents correspond with each other directly, New Life can also serve as the intermediary for correspondence between parties. For example, if an adoptive family and a birth mother want to exchange letters and pictures a few times a year but personal mailing addresses have not been shared, they can do the following: The sending party can mail the correspondence to New Life’s Post Adoption Social Worker and the worker will then forward the correspondence to the receiving party. The same can also be done with packages.

Coordination of in-person contact

New Life’s Post Adoption Social Worker is available to coordinate in-person contact between parties. For example, if an adoptive family and a birth mother would like to have in-person contact but the parties do not have direct contact with one another, the Post Adoption Social Worker can facilitate the contact between each party. The party initiating the in-person contact should call the Post Adoption Social Worker at (612) 746-5670 and indicate the request. The Post Adoption Social Worker will then call the other party to coordinate the in-person contact.

Ongoing assistance with an adoptive relationship

At New Life, most of the placements that happen have some level of openness. We believe that openness is valuable for all parties involved yet we also acknowledge that there can be challenges in an openness relationship, similar to any other relationship. New Life’s Post Adoption Social Worker is available to provide openness consultation for any member of the adoption triad in recent and not so recent placements. If interested in this service, please review our Post-Adoption Application Process.

Obtaining information from my file

If you are any member of the adoption triad and are interested in obtaining information from your file, the first step is to submit a Post-Adoption Application.  If you would like to discuss your situation first, contact the Post Adoption Social Worker by phone at (612) 746-5670. All phone consultations are free.

Search and Reunion Services

If you are part of the adoption triad and have a more closed relationship, you may be interested in the Search and Reunion Services that New Life offers. These services are used when there is little or no contact between two parties (such as the adoptee and the birth parents). New Life can facilitate the reuniting of two parties or can conduct a search for a party whose contact information is outdated. To begin your search, review the Post Adoption Services Application Process.

Fees and financial assistance for services

There are post-adoption fees for some of the services provided through New Life. However, New Life recognizes the importance of these services for birth parents, adoptive parents, and adoptees. If you cannot afford a service, we offer financial assistance. If you have questions about the fees or to discuss your situation, contact the Post Adoption Social Worker at (612) 746-5670. All phone consultations are free.

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