Thank you to all of you who made it out to New Life Family Service’s Walk & Run for Life this Saturday! It was a beautiful day to stroll around Lake Nokomis. We are so grateful that you are partnering for life.

This year New Life Family Services’ Walk & Run for Life raised $88,000, which will go to help serve 6,000 men, women and children each year through our four First Care Pregnancy Clinics. More than 350 people participated in our walk on June 27 in Minneapolis, and 100 people walked around Silver Lake on June 20 in Rochester.

Many of the people at the Walk & Run for Life have an adoption in their family’s story, one woman credits New Life with saving her life.

Brittany Johnson (C) tells her story of being adopted as an infant through New Life Family Services. (L) Tammy Kocher, Exec. Dir., (R) Andrew, Brittany’s Husband

Brittany Johnson puff-painted a t-shirt to wear at the walk, declaring the biggest truth in her life, “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for New Life.”

Brittany was placed for adoption at four weeks old. Her birth mother was just 15-years-old at the time, and was contemplating having an abortion.

“At that time everyone in her life told her they didn’t think she could handle being pregnant. New Life helped change her mind, to find out she can do this, she can put her child up for adoption. It’s not a terrible decision,” said Brittany.

Brittany has been able to meet her birth mom, and says she is so grateful that her birth mom chose life, and chose adoption.

“My life would be 100% affected if it wasn’t for New Life. I would not be alive today.”

Brittany says she hopes to adopt some day, and is inspired by the hundreds of adoptive families who participated in the Walk & Run for Life on June 27.

“It makes me tear up all the time because there’s so many people who support life,” said Brittany.

Edited Walk for Life

Allison, Cameron & Sandy Ensz of Shoreview brought a box of diapers and baby wipes.




Also Saturday, KTIS radio station collected around 500 baby items at the Biggest Baby Shower thrown for New Life Family Services.

Cameron Ensz brought a box of diapers and baby wipes. Cameron was adopted through New Life Family Services 25 years ago. “It kind of brings me back to the coolness of knowing a family wanted to adopt me and give up their life for me,” said Cameron.

Watch a slideshow of New Life Family Services Walk & Run for Life: