We’re so excited you are joining us for this virtual Walk for Life!
Head to New Life’s Facebook page for daily updates and videos from clients.

Starting May 1st – May 10th we are hosting a virtual 10 Day Walk for Life on our Facebook page!

Get Started Today!

1. Follow us on social media by clicking the “Attend” button on our Virtual 10 Day Walk & Run for Life Facebook event page!

2. Download the Strava app and join our Walk and Run for Life club where we can gather how many minutes and miles people are walking on our behalf!

3. Reference our printable calendar for daily inspiration, prayer requests, goals and themes!

4. Tag us in photos or videos of you and your family walking using #NewLifeNewWalk!

5. Help us raise money to support families. We know these are uncertain times, but we could still use your help financially! We are taking a step back from a heavy peer-to-peer fundraising format and focusing more on engagement. However, we will host a Facebook fundraiser should you still decide to fundraise or give yourself.

6. Have fun while you walk and/or run for life!

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