A Life-Saving Service

by Amanda Sorensen, RN, Director of Nursing

We are proud to announce New Life has added a new service! As an organization, we can now help women potentially reverse the effects of a chemical abortion if they change their mind before taking the second pill.

What Is Abortion Pill Reversal?

The first step in the Abortion Pill Reversal process is an ultrasound to determine placement of the pregnancy, heart rate, and gestational age. In attempt to reverse a chemical abortion, a hormone called progesterone may then be prescribed. Progesterone is a naturally occurring hormone necessary to sustain a pregnancy. Since the first pill in a chemical abortion blocks progesterone, the goal is to give the body extra doses of this needed hormone to lessen the effects of the abortion pill. Typically, this treatment continues throughout the first trimester of pregnancy along with frequent ultrasounds.

The goal would be to have an ultrasound within 24 hours of taking the first abortion pill, however, there have been many successful reversals that were done within the first 72 hours of taking the abortion pill. Even if a woman is 72 hours past the first pill, she can still call the Abortion Pill Rescue Hotline at (877) 558-0333. It may not be too late. Studies show that Abortion Pill Reversal has a 64-68% success rate.

Why Is It Needed?

Many people are unaware that Abortion Pill Reversal exists, and as an organization we are hoping to spread the word to reach women who might regret the decision they made to take the first abortion pill. The most recent data from the Minnesota Department of Health states that there were 9,922 induced abortions in the calendar year of 2019. Of those induced abortions, 3,711 of them were chemical abortions (the abortion pill). There are women taking the abortion pill in the state of Minnesota every day, and for those who might regret their decision, we are now equipped to potentially reverse the process!

APR Is Filling A Gap.

For many women, a chemical abortion seems like an “easy fix” and minimally invasive, which makes it appealing to those considering abortion. Many women end up taking the first pill in a clinic or even at home. Some women say that immediately after swallowing the abortion pill, they regret their decision. If a woman acts quickly, a potential reversal is possible. At our First Care Pregnancy Centers, we can walk women through the entire reversal process including the progesterone medication that is needed for the reversal.

How Much Does It Cost?

We are proud to have faithful donors who give generously so we can offer services like Abortion Pill Reversal free of charge to our clients.

What You Can Do!

Please join us in prayer so that we may reach many women with this new service, and that the Lord will equip our staff with the knowledge and wisdom to care for these women. To begin receiving real-time prayer requests, text “NEWLIFEPRAYER” to 51555. If you are interested in underwriting the cost of providing APR to our clients, the initial cost of an Abortion Pill Reversal client is roughly $394.