50 years of New Life’s ministry has produced thousands of stories and changed lives. Keep an eye on your email for weekly stories throughout the year as we walk down memory lane and celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness! May they encourage you and serve as a reminder of God’s work as we continue to change hearts, save lives, build families, and restore hope.

STORY 50/50: Thank You for Following Along!

Thank you for following along with us this year as we have read and heard 50 stories from the past 50 years of New Life’s ministry. We give God all the glory for these stories and lives that have been forever changed for good!

STORY 49/50: Bob and Nancy’s Story

Over 30 years ago, Bob and Nancy felt the Lord calling them to open their home to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Through New Life Homes (now New Life Family Services), they welcomed over a dozen women into their home, supporting them throughout their pregnancies.

STORY 48/50: Donor Highlight

Heidi, Josh, and Steve each support New Life in unique ways that fit their strengths and passions — whether it’s volunteering in our centers, giving financially, or serving on our board. Today is Giving Tuesday, and we pray that their stories will inspire you to think about the unique ways God could be calling YOU to get involved with New Life.

STORY 47/50: Jay and Emily’s Story

When Jay and Emily found out that they were pregnant, they didn’t know what to do. Jay wanted to parent the baby, but Emily was being pressured to have an abortion. Watch their story to see how God intervened!
Jay + Emily

STORY 46/50: Caleb’s Story

Caleb’s birth mother Merri was only sixteen years old when she became pregnant after a nonconsensual encounter. Even though it was a traumatic experience, Merri courageously chose to place Caleb for adoption. Watch their video to hear them reflect on the past three decades and the close relationship they now share.

STORY 45/50: Ronald and Mary’s Story

Late one night during the summer of 1986, there was a knock at our bedroom door. It was our teenage daughter, Merri. Her face displayed several emotions, and she asked if we had some time to talk to her. Of course, we said yes, and she revealed that she was pregnant.

Read their full story here!

STORY 44/50: Phyllis’s Story

November is National Adoption Month! Adoption is a beautiful picture of the gospel and is one of the most selfless and loving choices an expectant parent could make for their child.

When Phyllis heard that her sixteen-year-old daughter was pregnant, her immediate reaction was to pray. Watch her video to see how God made it abundantly clear that adoption was the best choice for their situation.

STORY 43/50: Paige’s Story

I have had a desire to care for people since I was a little girl, so the nursing profession seemed like a natural fit when I was deciding what to study after high school. Since becoming a nurse, the Lord has given me multiple opportunities to carry out my calling, most recently with New Life Family Services as a Client Care Nurse.

Read her full story here!

STORY 42/50: Larry and Linda’s Story

Larry and Linda had always supported the life-affirming work of New Life, but it wasn’t until Larry heard a life-changing story from his mother that they realized just how important the ministry is. Watch their story to hear what Larry’s mother told him, and how it led Larry and Linda to be even more involved with New Life.

STORY 41/50: Jana’s Story

When Jana was 16, she left her parents’ home and began living in hotels, cars, on the street, and with friends until she moved in with her boyfriend. They partied all the time and often didn’t know where they would find their next meal. Jana soon dropped out of high school, learned that she was pregnant, and decided to have an abortion. Not long after, she became pregnant again and had a second abortion.

Read her full story here!

STORY 40/50: Grace’s Story

Grace is our Church Relations Coordinator! Watch her video to hear what she loves about working for New Life, and how she wants to invite YOU and your church to be a part of our mission.

STORY 39/50: Jessie’s Story

When Jessie found herself in an abusive relationship and pregnant at age 15, she felt trapped and heartbroken, even after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her mom mentioned visiting New Life to learn about her options.

Read her full story here!

STORY 38/50: Bailey’s Story

Bailey knew from the second she found out she was pregnant that she was carrying her little girl for another family. She knew she wanted to use this unexpected pregnancy to bless a couple who were unable to have biological children. Watch her story to hear about the journey from finding out she was pregnant 11 years ago to where she is now.

STORY 37/50: Ashley’s Story

Meet Ashley and Grayson! Ashley was in college and going through a dark time, but finding out that she was pregnant served as a wake-up call. Now, she and her two-year-old son are enrolled in the Every Family program and thriving.

STORY 36/50: Ryan and Joanna’s Story

When we started to pursue adoption in 2016, we carefully considered adoption agencies throughout the metro area. We wanted to work with an agency that was both ethical and intentional with each member of the adoption relationship. It became very clear God was directing us to New Life through it being our #1 matched agency in surveys and receiving multiple personal recommendations.

Read their full story here!

STORY 35/50: Autumn’s Story

Autumn was struggling with mental health and even wanting to end her life, but her whole mindset changed when she found out she was pregnant. She knew right away that she wanted to prioritize the life growing inside her, so she made the selfless decision to make an adoption plan.

STORY 34/50: A Husband’s Conquerors Story

I was a 19-year-old guy who had the world by the horns, and I was not about to take time to figure out how to live my life taking care of a child. I had dreams and plans—I wanted to get married and buy a house and start life the right way. I wanted things and a career. I wanted to graduate college and find that perfect life. I knew how to handle the situation of my girlfriend becoming pregnant… I knew that abortion was going to be the easiest and fastest way to get life back on track. But I was wrong.

Read his full story here!

STORY 33/50: Sammi’s Story

Sammi was in her freshman year of college when she found out she was pregnant. With that unexpected news, her dreams and plans for the future became unclear. When she found New Life and started considering adoption, she knew that adoption was the best choice for her and her daughter.

STORY 32/50: Anna’s Story

New Life Family Services, as its name implies, gave me a chance at life.

To really tell this story, and to explain how my life was changed, I need to start with a young woman. This woman had just found out she was pregnant and was seriously considering abortion. When she went to New Life’s pregnancy center, they helped her to choose life.

Read her full story here!


STORY 31/50: Marissa’s Story

Marissa is a Client Advocate at our Rochester center. After her own unplanned pregnancy, she knew she wanted to support others facing similar circumstances. Now, she makes a difference every day by listening to clients and empowering them to make the best decision for their situation.

STORY 30/50: Emilie’s Story

I was a freshman in college and focused on creating a plan for my life. However, this plan did not include getting pregnant.

I had been making decisions which compromised the morals I was raised with, but I was shocked and panicked when I found out I was pregnant. Right away, I told my parents. They were shocked as well but supportive. They told me about a place called New Life Family Services where I could discuss my options.

Read her full story here!

STORY 29/50: Jean Marie’s Adoption Story

When Jean Marie found out that she was pregnant, all she wanted was to give her son the best life possible. Even though she wanted to be a mother, she decided that what was best for him was adoption.

STORY 28/50: Thomas and Karena’s Story

After struggling with infertility, Thomas and Karena realized that God was calling them to adoption. Through their adoptive journeys, they experienced a love deeper than they could have imagined—not just for their daughters but for their daughters’ birth moms as well.

STORY 27/50: Tonya’s Story

Even though everyone told Tonya that abortion was the right decision, it left her feeling empty and hopeless. She was skeptical when she first heard about Conquerors, but she eventually joined a group and found freedom from her shame.

STORY 26/50: Eric and Rachel’s Story

Eric and Rachel always felt a calling on their hearts to pursue adoption, but they never fully understood how beautiful adoption was until adopting both of their daughters. Watch their video to hear the full story of their adoption journey.

STORY 25/50: Tyus’s Story

Happy Father’s Day to birth dads, adoptive dads, new dads, and all dads! Tyus was struggling with addiction and substance abuse when he found out that his girlfriend was pregnant. They chose to make an adoption plan, and the sweet relationship he built with his daughter and her family helped him find freedom from addiction.

STORY 24/50: Meg’s Story

Meg decided to have an abortion because she thought that her boyfriend didn’t want to be a father and that she would be a single mother. Later, she found out that wasn’t true. Watch her story to see how the Conquerors program helped her discover God’s forgiveness.

STORY 23/50: Nick’s Story

Nick was a senior in high school when he found out that a one-night stand had made him a father. Through family and friends, Nick and his partner found New Life and chose adoption.

STORY 22/50: Rachel’s Story of Hope

I used to wonder if I would ever experience motherhood, and now I feel motherhood in every part of me. It has to be more than biology, doesn’t it? It’s more complex, amazing, and sacred.

I was diagnosed at five years old with Type 1 Diabetes, and rather than go through a high-risk pregnancy, my husband John and I decided that adoption was the best way for us to grow our family. In 2013, after consulting with many people, we chose New Life Adoptions.

Read the full story here!

STORY 21/50: Kristina’s Story of Hope

I vividly remember when my daughter Kendrah got in the car and said, “Mom, don’t hate me. I’m pregnant.” Initially, I needed a minute to process, but then I jumped into action. I knew my daughter and her baby needed me to be strong. We picked up prenatal vitamins, moved her back home, and made an appointment at a pregnancy center that afternoon! From the moment she told me, my love for her and the baby far outweighed any “disappointment” with the situation.

Read the full story here!

STORY 20/50: Kendrah’s Story of Hope

Motherhood to me is unconditional love. The second I found out I was pregnant, I knew I would do absolutely anything to make sure my daughter always feels safe and loved. I felt calmer than I expected after the initial shock, but I was still unsure of what my future would look like. I had been living with my ex-boyfriend and distancing myself from my family.

Read the full story here!

STORY 19/50: Amanda’s Story

It’s National Nurses Week! Watch our nurse Amanda’s story to hear what she loves most about the services we provide at New Life and how her work impacts babies and entire families.

STORY 18/50: Emily Grace’s Story

Emily Grace and her husband were struggling to provide for their three children before they enrolled in the parenting program at First Care. Through the program, they received the education and support they needed to thrive as a family.

STORY 17/50: Matt’s Story of Hope

At age 18, Nancy placed her son Matt for adoption through New Life. It may have been a “closed” adoption, but she was never closed-off to Matt, and she always hoped he would reach out. She wondered about him every day for over thirty years until she finally reached out to New Life.

Matt’s adoptive parents, Herb and Jan, were open with him about his adoption and always told him that if he wanted to contact his birth parents, they would help him. While Matt was naturally a little curious about his birth parents, he never had burning questions until he found out Nancy wanted to contact him.

Read the full story here!

STORY 16/50: Erin’s Story

It’s Volunteer Appreciation Week! Erin is a volunteer Parent Coach at our Richfield center. Every year, volunteers like Erin give a combined total of over 9,000 hours of their time to clean our centers, lead parenting classes, and much more.

STORY 15/50: Sandy’s Story

At age 17, Sandy gave birth to a son and initially decided to parent him, but then her father forced her to place him for adoption. Years later, her boyfriend pressured her into having two abortions. After years of hopelessness and despair, the Lord used Conquerors to give her a sense of wanting to live again.

STORY 14/50: Therese’s Story

Therese’s life was consumed by drugs, alcohol, and promiscuity. She had two abortions before graduating high school. Her life is a testament to God’s faithfulness and redemption in any story.

April is Abortion Awareness Month. There is no “typical” abortion story, but we have truly seen that the gospel is powerful enough to grant healing in even the most complicated and difficult situations. If you are struggling with a past abortion, we want you to know that healing is possible, and you are not alone.

STORY 13/50: Mary’s Story of Hope

Mary’s adoption journey began over 22 years ago shortly after graduating from high school. Read her story to see how her relationship with her daughter and adoptive family deepened throughout the years.

Read her full story here!

STORY 12/50: Jadelyn’s Story

March 21st is World Social Work Day! To celebrate, we want to highlight Jadelyn, one of our social workers. Watch Jadelyn’s story to hear how she began working at New Life, what she loves about being a social worker at New Life, and how she spreads hope through her work every day!

STORY 11/50: Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey was in college when she became pregnant. Even though she had immense love for her baby from the start, she knew she was not in the best place to raise a child. Watch her story to see how God led her to choose adoption.

STORY 10/50: Amanda’s Story

Amanda was thrilled to be pregnant at first, but then she received difficult news about her unborn baby that changed her mind. Watch her story to see how God blessed her with hope, redemption, and a second chance even after making a decision she regretted.

STORY 9/50: Tommy and Lara’s Story of Hope

Tommy and Lara first began considering adoption after serving in several orphanages on mission trips. As they began the adoption process, they bonded with their adoptive son Zack’s birth mom Ava*, but they were inwardly relieved when she said she didn’t want to have a very open adoption.

Over the years, God created a desire in Tommy and Lara’s hearts for Zack to know Ava. Little did they know, she had been feeling the same way. 17 years later, Zack and Ava have a close relationship, and they all enjoy staying in touch and seeing the similarities between Zack and his birth family.

Read their full story here!

*name of birth mother changed to honor her privacy

STORY 8/50: Cathy’s Story

Cathy didn’t discover she was expecting until 5 months into her pregnancy and struggled to accept it at first. But with God’s help, she developed an authentic, sacrificial love for her daughter and decided to make an adoption plan for her. Her story is a beautiful example of how God’s love can transform and guide us through difficult times.

STORY 7/50: Esmeralda’s Story

Faced with difficult circumstances and an unplanned pregnancy, Esmeralda was unsure if she would be able to provide any supplies, even diapers, for her child. When she enrolled in the parenting program at First Care, she was able to find hope and support for herself and her child.

STORY 6/50: Sophrona’s Story

When Sophrona found out she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to give her child the best possible chance at life, but she didn’t feel ready to be a parent. Watch her story to see how God made it abundantly clear who He had planned to be Samuel’s adoptive parents.

STORY 5/50: Jeff and Debbie’s Story of Hope

Jeff and Debbie met 54 years ago when they were in high school. Their senior year, Debbie found out she was pregnant. They considered getting married but were scared to tell their families. When Debbie told her mother about the pregnancy, her mother told Jeff that he had to pay for an abortion. It was illegal in Minnesota at the time, so Debbie’s mother arranged for her to fly to New York.

Afterward, Jeff and Debbie parted ways. A few years later, Debbie fled an abusive marriage, found hope in the arms of Jesus, and met her second husband. When she became pregnant with their oldest son, she started deeply regretting the abortion. Her Bible study leader suggested that she attend Conquerors, and Debbie finally began to heal. She and her husband were married 34 years before he passed away from cancer.

In the meantime, Jeff began using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain he felt after the abortion. He resented Debbie and her mother for going through with it when he had wanted to parent the baby. He got married and had three children, but unfortunately, he and his wife divorced. His drug use increased until he finally turned to God.

In 2017, Jeff asked God to put a caring woman in his life. Shortly after, Jeff and Debbie reconnected online. They began dating again, and when Jeff moved back to Minnesota, they attended the Conquerors program together. They are engaged now and excited for whatever future plans God has for them!

STORY 4/50: Leah’s Open Adoption Story

When Leah told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, he told her to have an abortion. Instead, Leah reached out to New Life to learn about the option of adoption. Today, she has a strong relationship with her son’s adoptive parents and their other children.

STORY 3/50: Julie’s Story of Hope

Julie was a pastor’s child who was active in her church and passionate about her faith. She had just graduated college and entered the professional world when she discovered she was pregnant. Terrified of what her parents and Christian community would think, she scheduled an abortion. The night before her appointment, one of her friends came to her door with three letters. Two letters were from Julie’s friends, asking her to reconsider. The third was anonymous, written by her coworker Traci, who was also a volunteer with New Life’s 24-Hour Crisis Phone Line at the time. Traci had learned about Julie’s pregnancy and felt the Lord nudging her to write a letter.

While Julie was reading, she broke down. She called New Life’s crisis line, and as only God could orchestrate, it was Traci who answered. They talked for hours, and Julie learned that Traci had written the anonymous letter. Julie canceled her abortion and told her parents that she was pregnant. They were supportive and encouraging, and her church even threw her a baby shower.

Julie’s son Justin was born on Palm Sunday, a reminder of God’s faithfulness. 25 years later, Julie gives thanks to God, Traci, and New Life for the gift of a letter and a listening ear that saved her son’s life. Today, Justin is studying to be in the medical field. He is very active and competes in Spartan Races as a hobby.

“When I look at my son, I am so blessed I was given the opportunity to be his mom. I know how easily I could have missed the joy of motherhood, as I experienced multiple miscarriage later in my marriage. My son Justin is my one and only child here on earth.”

STORY 2/50: An Embryo Adoption Story of Hope

Jon and Andrea pursued a unique form of adoption, one that allowed Andrea to experience the joys of pregnancy that she otherwise could not. We are celebrating Embryo Adoption this month, and we invite you to celebrate along with us by watching Jon and Andrea’s Embryo Adoption journey.

STORY 1/50: Kim’s Story of Hope

When Kim discovered she was pregnant, she assumed she and the baby’s father would raise their child together. He made it clear that he wanted her to have an abortion, but Kim made the courageous and selfless decision to make an adoption plan that included openness. Today, she enjoys a relationship with her daughter and two granddaughters—all because she chose life!