50 years of New Life’s ministry has produced thousands of stories and changed lives. Keep an eye on your email for weekly stories throughout the year as we walk down memory lane and celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness! May they encourage you and serve as a reminder of God’s work as we continue to change hearts, save lives, build families, and restore hope.

STORY 12/50: Jadelyn’s Story

March 21st is World Social Work Day! To celebrate, we want to highlight Jadelyn, one of our social workers. Watch Jadelyn’s story to hear how she began working at New Life, what she loves about being a social worker at New Life, and how she spreads hope through her work every day!

STORY 11/50: Kelsey’s Story

Kelsey was in college when she became pregnant. Even though she had immense love for her baby from the start, she knew she was not in the best place to raise a child. Watch her story to see how God led her to choose adoption.

STORY 10/50: Amanda’s Story

Amanda was thrilled to be pregnant at first, but then she received difficult news about her unborn baby that changed her mind. Watch her story to see how God blessed her with hope, redemption, and a second chance even after making a decision she regretted.

STORY 9/50: Tommy and Lara’s Story of Hope

Tommy and Lara first began considering adoption after serving in several orphanages on mission trips. As they began the adoption process, they bonded with their adoptive son Zack’s birth mom Ava*, but they were inwardly relieved when she said she didn’t want to have a very open adoption.

Over the years, God created a desire in Tommy and Lara’s hearts for Zack to know Ava. Little did they know, she had been feeling the same way. 17 years later, Zack and Ava have a close relationship, and they all enjoy staying in touch and seeing the similarities between Zack and his birth family.

Read their full story here!

*name of birth mother changed to honor her privacy

STORY 8/50: Cathy’s Story

Cathy didn’t discover she was expecting until 5 months into her pregnancy and struggled to accept it at first. But with God’s help, she developed an authentic, sacrificial love for her daughter and decided to make an adoption plan for her. Her story is a beautiful example of how God’s love can transform and guide us through difficult times.

STORY 7/50: Esmeralda’s Story

Faced with difficult circumstances and an unplanned pregnancy, Esmeralda was unsure if she would be able to provide any supplies, even diapers, for her child. When she enrolled in the parenting program at First Care, she was able to find hope and support for herself and her child.

STORY 6/50: Sophrona’s Story

When Sophrona found out she was pregnant, she knew she wanted to give her child the best possible chance at life, but she didn’t feel ready to be a parent. Watch her story to see how God made it abundantly clear who He had planned to be Samuel’s adoptive parents.

STORY 5/50: Jeff and Debbie’s Story of Hope

Jeff and Debbie met 54 years ago when they were in high school. Their senior year, Debbie found out she was pregnant. They considered getting married but were scared to tell their families. When Debbie told her mother about the pregnancy, her mother told Jeff that he had to pay for an abortion. It was illegal in Minnesota at the time, so Debbie’s mother arranged for her to fly to New York.

Afterward, Jeff and Debbie parted ways. A few years later, Debbie fled an abusive marriage, found hope in the arms of Jesus, and met her second husband. When she became pregnant with their oldest son, she started deeply regretting the abortion. Her Bible study leader suggested that she attend Conquerors, and Debbie finally began to heal. She and her husband were married 34 years before he passed away from cancer.

In the meantime, Jeff began using drugs and alcohol to numb the pain he felt after the abortion. He resented Debbie and her mother for going through with it when he had wanted to parent the baby. He got married and had three children, but unfortunately, he and his wife divorced. His drug use increased until he finally turned to God.

In 2017, Jeff asked God to put a caring woman in his life. Shortly after, Jeff and Debbie reconnected online. They began dating again, and when Jeff moved back to Minnesota, they attended the Conquerors program together. They are engaged now and excited for whatever future plans God has for them!

STORY 4/50: Leah’s Open Adoption Story

When Leah told her boyfriend that she was pregnant, he told her to have an abortion. Instead, Leah reached out to New Life to learn about the option of adoption. Today, she has a strong relationship with her son’s adoptive parents and their other children.

STORY 3/50: Julie’s Story of Hope

Julie was a pastor’s child who was active in her church and passionate about her faith. She had just graduated college and entered the professional world when she discovered she was pregnant. Terrified of what her parents and Christian community would think, she scheduled an abortion. The night before her appointment, one of her friends came to her door with three letters. Two letters were from Julie’s friends, asking her to reconsider. The third was anonymous, written by her coworker Traci, who was also a volunteer with New Life’s 24-Hour Crisis Phone Line at the time. Traci had learned about Julie’s pregnancy and felt the Lord nudging her to write a letter.

While Julie was reading, she broke down. She called New Life’s crisis line, and as only God could orchestrate, it was Traci who answered. They talked for hours, and Julie learned that Traci had written the anonymous letter. Julie canceled her abortion and told her parents that she was pregnant. They were supportive and encouraging, and her church even threw her a baby shower.

Julie’s son Justin was born on Palm Sunday, a reminder of God’s faithfulness. 25 years later, Julie gives thanks to God, Traci, and New Life for the gift of a letter and a listening ear that saved her son’s life. Today, Justin is studying to be in the medical field. He is very active and competes in Spartan Races as a hobby.

“When I look at my son, I am so blessed I was given the opportunity to be his mom. I know how easily I could have missed the joy of motherhood, as I experienced multiple miscarriage later in my marriage. My son Justin is my one and only child here on earth.”

STORY 2/50: An Embryo Adoption Story of Hope

Jon and Andrea pursued a unique form of adoption, one that allowed Andrea to experience the joys of pregnancy that she otherwise could not. We are celebrating Embryo Adoption this month, and we invite you to celebrate along with us by watching Jon and Andrea’s Embryo Adoption journey.

STORY 1/50: Kim’s Story of Hope

When Kim discovered she was pregnant, she assumed she and the baby’s father would raise their child together. He made it clear that he wanted her to have an abortion, but Kim made the courageous and selfless decision to make an adoption plan that included openness. Today, she enjoys a relationship with her daughter and two granddaughters—all because she chose life!