Adoption Services

New Life is licensed by the State of Minnesota to provide full and limited domestic adoption services to birth families and adoptive families. Our adoption services can be customized to fit the individual needs of all parties involved.

Pregnancy Testing & Counseling

Pregnancy testing and options counseling are available for women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy through our First Care Pregnancy Centers. Social workers discuss abortion alternatives and relationship issues, help clients make a plan for their pregnancy, and provide ongoing resources and referrals.

Limited Ultrasounds

New Life has been licensed to provide ultrasounds since 2000 and provides more than 450 each year. Of the women we are able to follow up with after an ultrasound, 94% choose life for their child.


New Life’s Conquerors program provides one-on-one mentoring and group sessions for women and men designed to deal with the pain and difficulties common to those who have had abortions. Weekly sessions address the issues of post-abortion stress from a biblical perspective.

STD/STI Testing & Treatment

New in 2013 as part of our growth plan, New Life began providing free comprehensive STI (sexually transmitted infection) testing and treatment at our Minneapolis office location.

Parenting Plus

Through our Parenting Plus program, families complete educational activities designed to help them learn parenting skills. Parents earn closet cash, allowing them to purchase items from the Clothing Closet including maternity clothes, infant and toddler clothing, diapers, and new baby equipment.

Post-Adoption Services

New Life provides ongoing post-adoption education and support to birth parents, adoptive families, and adoptees. The Post-Adoption Unit facilitates contact between parties, performs searches for biological family members, and provides pertinent information concerning the current and past conditions of various family members.

Interim Foster Care

Interim foster care is available when additional time is needed for the birth parents to make a decision regarding their adoption plan. New Life’s foster families are licensed by the State of Minnesota and provide care for infants until a permanent plan is made.