At New Life Family Services, we serve over 5,000 women and men each year who are in need of baby items for their children. In the last year alone, we gave out more than 75,000 diapers through our parenting education program!

By hosting a Baby Item Drive or Baby Shower for New Life, you are helping ensure those who choose life have the resources they need for their children.

How it works:

1. Choose one month to host a Baby Item Drive.

2. Contact our Church Relations Coordinator, Grace, at 612-746-5645 or to schedule your drive and receive materials to help promote the drive with your church or group.

3. Share the upcoming Baby Item Drive with your congregation or group.

4. Collect items on your chosen date.

5. Arrange to have a New Life staff pick up the baby items from your church or drop off the items at one of our locations.

Visit our Material Donations page to learn more.

New Life is registered on Amazon!

If you’d like an easy way to donate items, you can choose items off of our registry and ship them to our Headquarters office! OR Feel free to drop items off at our offices and receive a giving receipt! You can easily find the items our offices need to serve our clients. Whether you decide to purchase items there, or elsewhere, we are incredibly grateful for your partnership. 

Visit our Registry!