50 Stories of Hope #45: Ronald and Mary’s Story

STORY 45/50: Late one night during the summer of 1986, there was a knock at our bedroom door. It was our teenage daughter, Merri. Her face displayed several emotions, and she asked if we had some time to talk to her. Of course, we said yes, and she revealed that she was pregnant. She didn’t want to terminate the pregnancy but wasn’t ready to become the mom that her child would deserve. After some hugs, tears, and prayers, we reminded Merri that we loved her unconditionally and fully supported her decision. A short time after that, Merri’s research and our prayers led her to New Life Family Services, who helped Merri make an adoption plan for her son Caleb. New Life did more for our daughter than my wife, Mary, and I will ever know!

Approximately 12.5 years ago, the three of us had the honor and privilege to meet Caleb, his wife Rachel, and their daughter Harmony. After lunch and about a three-hour visit, our love grew quickly and naturally between the six of us! Each time that we have gotten together over the years, that love continues to grow exponentially for Caleb, Rachel, Harmony, and her two brothers, Graham and Ole. It is so apparent to us that there is a focus on faith in Christ that acts as a “spiritual GPS” in navigating all five lives in the Caleb and Rachel Anderson household!

Mary and I will always be grateful to New Life Family Services and to Caleb’s adoptive parents, Don and Marilyn, for opening their hearts and home to love, guide, and nurture Caleb over the years.

Stay tuned for a video from Caleb and Merri’s perspective next week!