Abortion has been the law of the land in the United States for nearly 50 years. Today, the Supreme Court of The United States just released it’s ruling to overturn Roe v Wade and send the issue of abortion back to the states. This is a monumental moment. One that I believe requires both pause, and action.

While the mission of New Life has always been one of tangible, practical support (and not political), it seems appropriate to both acknowledge and celebrate that this is a victory for protecting the most vulnerable. We believe that every life is created in the image of God, and every life matters – both born and unborn. This is why we exist.

As we pause to thank God and to celebrate that fewer lives will be lost to abortion, I believe this news should also propel us into action. Because life decisions need support.

While we don’t fully know the impact this ruling will have, here is what we anticipate:

  • Abortion will continue to be legal in Minnesota and may be expanded
  • Unplanned pregnancies will still happen
  • Women, men, families, and children will still need support
  • We may see an increase in women seeking abortion from other states
  • Our mission remains the same – to provide our clients with holistic, life-affirming support

The truth is, our work is only beginning. I believe this is the pro-life community’s opportunity to show the world that we truly DO care for women and their children, as we have all along. To show that we aren’t as they accuse us: simply pro-birth. We are pro-women and pro-families, and we’re in it for the long haul.

I also want to acknowledge that this decision will likely stir up a wide variety of emotions, especially for those who have personally experienced abortion. New Life has always been and always will be committed to helping those impacted by abortion. We love you and continue to be here for you. Please reach out to our Conquerors program if you need additional support right now.

Finally, on this monumental day, I ask you to join us in stepping up to support even more women, men, children, and families in a tangible, practical, and holistic way. And may we always do this with the love and compassion of Christ.


Tammy Kocher


P.S. Please join us in praying for protection and safety over our centers, our staff, and our clients as there is call to action from abortion advocates for violence against pregnancy centers, with tonight being declared a “night of rage”.