An Extension of the Local Church

At New Life Family Services, we serve as an extension of the local church. The services we provide are valuable to our communities, and they would not be possible without long-term partnerships with local churches. We are excited to see how God will use us to change hearts, save lives, build families, and restore hope together.

A partnership between your church and New Life is not only beneficial to the clients we serve, but also to those in your congregation who may be experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or healing from a past abortion.

One of our church relations staff would love to meet you, give you a tour of one of our centers, and talk to you about the different ways to come alongside our ministry.

Ways to Partner


  • Join a prayer volunteer group at one of our centers
  • Receive weekly real-time prayer requests by texting PRAY to 612-482-4400
  • Sign up for weekly prayer emails

Financial Partnership

Host Us

  • Live ultrasound presentation
  • Information Table
  • Speakers and education (for congregation and/or staff)

Service Opportunities

  • Group service projects
  • Diaper drives
  • Donation drives (baby equipment, clothing, etc.)

Church Ambassador

  • Serve as a point of contact between New Life and your church
  • Remain informed, actively engage with, and accurately understand the mission of New Life
  • Coordinate creative ways to partner that reflect the heart and mission of your church, through opportunities listed above

Note to Pastors

Speaking about abortion and the sanctity of human life can be difficult, especially from the pulpit. We know it is important, however, that your congregation hears that there is grace and forgiveness for those facing an unplanned pregnancy and for those who have abortion as a part of their story.

If you want to be equipped to address these topics with both honesty and compassion, we invite you to contact our church relations staff for resources and access to pastor trainings.

Email to learn more

Upcoming Events

Church Leaders Breakfast

  • September 28: Enjoy breakfast on us, tour our newest First Care center, learn about our mission and services from front-line staff, and discover how your church can connect with New Life and like-minded churches in our community!

Pastor Appreciation Month

  • October: Let us bless your staff with donuts and a ministry update! Contact to schedule a visit.

50th Anniversary Fundraising Gala

  • October 28: Join us as we bring our Twin Cities and Rochester families together for this memorable, one-of-a-kind event.

Sanctity of Human Life Month

  • January: We would love to host an information table, speak to your congregation, or invite a client to share their story with your church to celebrate Sanctity of Human Life month! Contact for more details.


Grace, Church Relations Coordinator in the Twin Cities

Leah, Church Relations Coordinator in Rochester