The Need for an Urban Pregnancy Center

Each year, there are nearly 10,000 abortions in MN. More than one third of MN women having abortions reside in Hennepin County. While the number of abortions in MN has been decreasing over the past decade, Hennepin County continues to see the largest percentage of abortions by county.

In addition, nearly 60% of the women seeking abortion in Minnesota already have children.

This statistic is staggering as you realize the tension these mothers are faced with as they contemplate the realities of a new pregnancy. It’s not about a lack of understanding fetal development. They understand, they have given birth previously. Rather these mothers simply can’t see a way forward and are facing a myriad of situational circumstances making it difficult to imagine life with another child.

There are families in need and God is calling us to grow.

Our Plan

To meet the significant needs of the women, men and families in Hennepin County, we are excited to announce our plan to open a new office in the Phillips community of Minneapolis.

The Phillips community is located just south of downtown Minneapolis. It is considered the area east of 35W, north of Lake Street, south of 94 and west of Hiawatha Avenue. The Phillips community has a population of 20,944 people, and 62% of that population is under the age of 35.

The median household income in Phillips community is $26,878 which is nearly half of the Hennepin County median household income of $58,476.

Nearly 44% of people living in the Phillips community live below the poverty line.

There is one abortion clinic in the middle of the Phillips community zip code and the two largest abortion clinics in our state are just a few miles away. Yet, there are no comprehensive pregnancy centers within the zip code. The nearest pregnancy center is 20 blocks south.

It is our hope that we can fill the gap that exists between the needs of the community and the pregnancy and family-related support services that are currently available and ultimately impact the abortion numbers in our state and communities.

Through the care of our licensed social workers and our parenting education program, New Life Family Services is uniquely positioned to provide the life-affirming support needed for clients to choose life for their unborn children and to move out of adverse circumstances into a more stable environment.

Our programs will help clients navigate the resources available to them, bring them to a place of stability, and provide their children with a strong foundation that hopefully can help stop the cycle of trauma for future generations and remove the barriers to choosing life.

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How You Can Help

We know we cannot accomplish any plan without you. Throughout New Life’s history, God has moved in the hearts of friends to grow and sustain this ministry. Each person who has compassion for the unborn and families, plays a vital role.

The desire to protect life is too large for one person, or one organization, to do alone. We need to gather people who are like-minded and committed to the cause, who are willing to link arms in the pursuit of coming alongside people and empowering them to make life-affirming choices.

Will you join us in going where God has called us, bringing New Life to a new neighborhood?


Learn more about the New Life, New Neighborhood Project by contacting Tammy Kocher, Executive Director, at or (612) 746-5664.