On October 23rd and October 29th more than 1,300 friends gathered to hear about the work God is doing through New Life. From the energy generated by Pam & Andy (co-hosts of the KTIS Morning Show), to the incredible client testimonies and impacting message from Shawn Carney, the night was extraordinary.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Shawn Carney, who shared his experience in mobilizing individuals at the local level through 40 Days for Life to get involved in the pro-life movement. He explained how pregnancy care centers now outnumber abortion clinics 5 to 1 in America because of individual’s involvement in the issue. He further expressed his thoughts about the uniqueness of New Life evident by the number of clients we are serving, the comprehensive care we are giving to clients, and the fact we are licensed as an adoption agency, which only a few other pregnancy centers across the nation can claim. His inspiring message challenged the guests to take action and recognize the power of the individual to make a difference.


New_Life_Bangquet_2015-70_cropped2We also heard from clients who had been impacted by New Life including Jackie who shared how she found herself pregnant for the first time at age 38. Expecting her long-term boyfriend to share her excitement for the pregnancy they had often talked about, she was shocked when he suggested abortion and continued pressuring her over the next few months. While Jackie wanted to be a mother, she ended up making an appointment for an abortion thinking it would be a way for her to never have to deal with her boyfriend again. But before her scheduled abortion appointment, Jackie had an ultrasound at one of New Life’s centers. She wept when she read the scripture from Psalm 139 that was printed on the ultrasound photo of her baby. With support from her family and New Life, Jackie decided to parent and canceled her abortion appointment. She shared how the support she received from New Life in the form of parenting education and material items (diapers, wipes, clothes) allowed her to provide for her daughter as she was living pay check to pay check as a single mother. Today she is working as a surgical instrument technician and says being a mother is the happiest she has ever been.

New_Life_Bangquet_2015-10_croppedKim, began by sharing a very personal message to our donors saying “my life was saved because of you.” She went on to share how her decision to have an abortion 5 years ago at age 21, threw her into a bout of depression that eventually led to suicidal thoughts. Racked with shame and guilt and no reason to live, Kim found herself contemplating ending her life. At her lowest point, Kim searched for help online and found Conquerors. It was through Conquerors that she experienced God’s forgiveness and healing in her life. She is now free from the shame and guilt of her past abortion and credits Conquerors with saving her life.

New_Life_Bangquet_2015-74_croppedLydia, had every ear listening as she recounted her past year full of challenges. Homeless and a mother to two young children, Lydia found herself pregnant for a third time carrying the child of her drug-dealing boyfriend. Lost and in need of help, she turned to New Life. The staff were able to help her find housing and provided a safe place for her to find support and counseling. But her struggles continued. Mid-way through her pregnancy, her doctors suggested abortion because the baby’s brain wasn’t growing as it should. Lydia also found herself battling ovarian cancer. Knowing she wasn’t in a position to care for three children under 5 and desiring the best for all of her children, Lydia made an adoption plan for her third child. Furthermore, during her pregnancy, she recommitted her life to Christ! The adoptive family, Eric and Hillary, then shared their side of the story and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.


In addition, Tammy Kocher, Executive Director, shared with guests the incredible growth and change that has occurred at New Life since they launched their strategic growth plan, Vision 2015, three years ago. Each of their four office locations have relocated or been remodeled. STI testing & treatment has been added to two of the locations. And most excitingly, the number of clients they have served has doubled in most cases, exactly as they had hoped and prayed for three years ago.

New University Office

The new location on University Ave. recently purchased for First Care Pregnancy Center’s University center. They anticipate opening in December 2015.

Tammy also shared two big announcements at the events. 

The first announcement shared was that the University office location was recently notified that the building they are currently located in is being sold and will be torn down to make way for new development. Having just relocated that office in 2013, the news was devastating since the office has seen tremendous growth (the client numbers have quadrupled in this location). However, they found a great location for sale, just across the street from the current location. And furthermore, a couple came forward and gave the funding necessary to purchase the new space outright. They are planning for a seamless move-in date the beginning of December.

The second big announcement that was shared was a huge opportunity – bigger than any500kMATCHsquare opportunity they have had in the past – a dollar-for-dollar match up to $500,000!

With the generosity of a few supporters, all one-time gifts AND new or increased monthly gifts made the night of the Banquet through December 1st (up to $500,000) will be doubled! Donate online today.

“Our model, from the beginning, has always been to offer free pregnancy care services and our heart is to never change that. As we look at where we are financially we think first sustainability because we know that God has even more planned for us, and it is critical that we sustain what we have already done!” Tammy Kocher shared.