We recently experienced a fun and inspiring evening at our Annual Galas in Rochester and Minneapolis! If you weren’t able to join us, you missed some exciting updates!


1. Rochester Location Moved

New Life took a huge step of faith and courage this spring when we made a major move from a location we had been in for decades! Our pregnancy center is now in a new, much larger space near the fairgrounds, which gives us the opportunity to serve more clients, and serve them well.

We also hired additional staff here in Rochester to better meet the needs of this community. All of these exciting updates are only possible because of you.


2. Location Purchased For New Urban Center

We have found the location for our new urban pregnancy center! In fact, we purchased two adjacent properties in the Phillips community near the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Franklin Avenue – the busiest bus stop in the state of Minnesota. Our plan is to build a new 10,000 square foot building on Chicago Avenue in 2020.

Even more exciting is the opportunity this large, new space provides to expand services through partnerships. We have long dreamed about providing prenatal services to our clients and now are excited to announce Community Care Clinic of Minnesota will be operating a full-service medical clinic, including prenatal care within our new building


3. Prenatal Education Program Launching Soon

In addition to our community partner providing prenatal care, we are also excited to be launching a new prenatal education program in our First Care Centers! Many of the clients we serve do not receive any prenatal care or education, mostly because it is one more obstacle. The curriculum, taught by our nurses, will cover three specific areas: pregnancy, labor and delivery, and mother and baby care. This is the same curriculum taught at Mayo Clinic, however, we will be able to offer it for free to our clients and tailor it towards their specific needs: single parents, young families, and those considering adoption.


4. Revamped Parenting Education Program

This year, we have poured additional resources into revamping our “Every Family” parenting program. We know that parenting is hard, even under the best circumstances. The reality is, most of the clients we serve are facing very challenging situations. Last year, 9,910 women had abortions in Minnesota. Statistically, 60% of them already had children. We know that when we can work with families in crisis, our continual care can help them break the cycles of trauma, and bring stability into their lives. Our Every Family program helps set them, and their children, on a new trajectory.


None of this would be possible without your support. When you choose to give to this ministry, you invest in Holy things, in tangible life-changing work, and in bringing restoration and hope to broken people. Your investment is building a legacy for families because the work that is done here has generational impact!

A gift to New Life will ensure the next woman who walks through our doors seeking abortion will be met with love and offered the tangible resources, hope, and saving grace that ultimately changes hearts and saves lives. Will you consider a gift of $550 (or $46/month) to support one woman throughout her entire pregnancy? Please know, we are grateful for a gift of any amount.

Together we can build a legacy of life for generations to come!