Dear Friends,

I can hardly believe we’re already approaching Christmas and turning the page on another year!

In the midst of this busy season, what I want most is to say THANK YOU. Because of your faithful support, we have been able to serve more women considering abortion this year than ever before.

This Christmas, I have been reflecting on John 6, the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand. His disciples doubted that the boy’s offering of five loaves and two fish would be sufficient for such a large crowd. But Jesus multiplied his gift so abundantly that there was more than enough for everyone.

We see this pattern of abundance throughout Jesus’ life and ministry, and He is still working today. He uses your sacrificial gifts to New Life to transform our clients’ difficult situations into opportunities for abundant life; whether it’s the tears of joy in a young woman’s eyes as she sees her baby on the ultrasound screen, rejoicing alongside a single mother starting school amidst seemingly impossible odds, sharing the news with a couple who has struggled with infertility that a birth mother has chosen them to parent her child, or bringing the hope of Jesus to a woman hurting from a past abortion.
And it’s all because of YOU.

Just as Christ multiplied the loaves and fish into an abundant feast, He multiplies your gifts to New Life into the miraculous gift of life, the gift of motherhood, and so many others. Your generosity led to the opening of our fifth First Care center, located in the Phillips community of Minneapolis. God used your gifts to reach Cadence, our very first client in our Phillips center (see story below). These powerful stories are YOUR stories.

As you reflect and celebrate this Christmas, would you consider giving a year-end donation to New Life that God will multiply? Together, we can ensure that we reach even more clients in 2023, offering them the gift of abundant life that Christ has so kindly given to us.

Merry Christmas!

Tammy Kocher
Executive Director

Our First Phillips client…

Cadence came into our new Phillips location for a pregnancy test. She shared that she is in a relatively new relationship and was unsure about being pregnant. She also shared she is still healing from past wounds. As her test was positive, we were able to share about the support and resources available to her at First Care and in the community. During her appointment, we talked about how our hope is to care for her holistically, and asked if she had any spiritual beliefs. She shared that she is a Christian, and was just talking with her mom about faith and about how she didn’t have a Bible. We were able to give her a Bible and a devotional, as well as pray with her at the end of her appointment. Cadence is planning to come back for an ultrasound and follow up services as well. As she was leaving she said, “I am so grateful I found you! I would be totally lost if I hadn’t.”
Praise God for this amazing opportunity to share God’s love with our very first client in Phillips!