Dear Friends,

I can hardly believe we are wrapping up our 50th year at New Life! It is humbling to recognize that there are hundreds of thousands of lives that have been personally touched by the work of New Life over the past 50 years.

Generational change happens one person at a time. As we helped a mom choose life 50 years ago, that child, spared from abortion, became a mother to her own children and then a grandmother. Here we are decades later, and an entire family exists because of that one altered decision so many years ago.

What a legacy.

As stories like this continue, there are new legacies being built every day at New Life because of you:

  • An overwhelmed college girl will find the strength to choose life and tell her parents about her unexpected pregnancy over Christmas break
  • A woman hurting from an abortion 20 years ago will hear about the hope and healing available through our Conquerors program
  • A family desperately longing to grow their family through adoption will receive a life-changing call
  • A struggling family who can’t afford presents for their children, will leave our center with Christmas gifts to put under the tree

These stories (and thousands more) will happen because of your partnership with us!

As we wrap up the calendar year, and these first 50 years, we humbly ask you to consider investing in the stories yet to come this Christmas and into the next 50 years.

Merry Christmas,

Tammy Kocher,
Executive Director