Pastor Appreciation Donuts

This October, New Life is looking to bless and thank local church partners for the ministry they do in their communities, and their partnership to New Life, by delivering donuts to one of their October staff meetings (following COVID-protocol). We would love to pray over the ministry of each of our church partners, and hear a little about what churches have been facing in the last 6 months.
Here’s how to get donuts to your church:
If you are pastor or church staff, email with an email subject of “Pastor Appreciation Donuts.” Let us know how many people are on your staff, the dates and times of your October staff meetings, and address of your church. We will coordinate a donut delivery with you!
If you are a church member, send this to your pastor and let them know about it so they can “order” a donut delivery, and consider covering the cost of the donuts for your pastoral staff by emailing This gift will bless New Life as we seek to connect with churches, and bless the pastors of your church during Pastor Appreciation month.