Ellen’s Story

Photo Credit: Alison Lea Photography

At age 26, Ellen felt like she felt her life was moving forward as she was beginning her career when she first found out she was pregnant.  Feeling confused, frustrated, and scared to lose what she had worked so hard for, she asked her cousin for advice. She suggested going to New Life Family Services for an ultrasound and someone to talk to.

When Ellen walked into New Life she described an immediate change.

“I had a sense of peace, hope, and safety. I felt comfortable with the staff and felt like they really cared for me.” She felt God led her to New Life.

Ellen was really struggling with her unexpected pregnancy as she was grieving the loss of her mother, who had recently passed away, and did not have support from her father at the time. Ellen found emotional support at New Life and was also offered an ultrasound.

The ultrasound completely changed the way she viewed her pregnancy. “Seeing the heartbeat on the screen made everything real.”

This was not just a pregnancy anymore, this was my baby. It was not about me or my career anymore.”

Ellen pictured with her son, Gabriel.

When you hear your baby’s heartbeat, it changes the way you think about things. It was such an amazing moment.” After seeing her son, she chose the name Gabriel. “I felt like he was not planned by me, but by God who was with me the whole time. I knew was a purpose for my son.”

Ellen knew she wanted to parent this child and with New Life’s support, raising a child seemed a lot less overwhelming.

Once Gabriel was born, Ellen was thrilled to be a mother, no matter the circumstances.

The father was involved in my son’s life, but I was on my own after we separated.”

As Ellen raised her son, her support and encouragement came from a single mothers’ group with New Life.

Ellen had two more children over the years and works full time. “Single parenting has its challenges and it is hard to keep up with everything. But life is good, I’m happy and my kids are active and involved.” A lot of her support came from the women in her single parent support group, but she says God was there for her from day one.

“There have been times throughout the years where I have really struggled financially and when the relationship with each of the fathers did not work out. We have gone through hard times, but God has provided for my family. Life get stressful raising three boys on my own, but God always provides what I need in the moment each time. Every day, my faith gets me through.”

Ellen pictured with her three sons.

Ellen’s attitude toward her unexpected pregnancy changed drastically from fear to incredible joy. She never planned on having three children on her own, but she says her life would be completely empty without them. She describes each of her boys as a blessing from God.

When asked if her life would look different if she received support somewhere else, she responded,
“I would have been encouraged to have an abortion and I never would have felt cared for. At New Life, I felt special as they encouraged me and knew I could do it. They offered me support through the single parenting group and they gave me the confidence I needed to parent by myself.”

I remember feeling lost with no way out,
but it all worked out for the best. God is our anchor,
no matter what you go through, He will always be there.”

Ellen’s message to women with similar circumstances:
“Everything will be okay. You can make it. Even though this is something you did not want or plan. If you are afraid you may disappoint your family, you will end up loving your child. It will work out and be better than you can imagine. Just trust God and he will take care of you.”