Historically, Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL) Sunday is a day that churches across the nation set aside to honor and recognize the value of all human life. SOHL is observed on Sunday, January 22nd, 2023.

At New Life, we dedicate the entire month of January to observing the SOHL with churches in the community by offering free resources such as staff speakers, client testimonies, and videos. This year, we are excited to center our message on the truth that every woman, man, and child (both born and unborn) is created imago Dei, in the image of God.

Want your church to be involved? New Life would love to visit your church to speak on the Sanctity of Life, offer resources to your community, and/or provide informational Bulletin Inserts for your church body. Please complete one of the following response forms to request our presence, or reach out to Grace (Twin Cities, graceelizabeth@nlfs.org) or Leah (Rochester, leah@nlfs.org) to coordinate a plan.

Below are the most popular ways to get involved in SOHL month (all are free!):

      1. Bulletin Inserts: An attractive bulletin insert that addresses the importance of life, shares about New Life’s services, and encourages individuals to get involved.
      2. Material & Financial Support: Partner with New Life in a tangible way through our Baby Bottle Campaign, a special missions budget gift or free willing offering, or a baby item donation drive.
      3. Information Table: A professional display of New Life’s programs and services as your church, staffed by a New Life representative.
      4. Video Resources: Share a powerful video testimony with your congregation or small group. Find even more videos on our Vimeo page.


      5. Presentations & Speakers: New Life staff and clients are willing and ready to share with your congregation the transforming work the Lord is doing every day at New Life and related personal stories of adoption, parenting, and freedom found from a past abortion.


Mark Your Calendars!


  • Pastor’s Training: January 4th, 10 AM

Participate in a virtual training available for Pastors on how to speak about the Sanctity of Life. Email churches@nlfs.org to register.

  • Day of Prayer: January 22nd, 24 hours

Follow a prayer guide and sign up to fill a spot over the 24-hour period to pray with other friends of New Life

  • First Care Open Houses
    • St. Paul: February 4th, 10 AM – 12 PM

Visit our St. Paul First Care office for a tour and to connect with New Life staff members. Email graceelizabeth@nlfs.org to RSVP.

    • Minneapolis: February 12th,  12:30 PM – 2:30 PM

Visit our Minneapolis First Care office for a tour and to connect with New Life staff members. Email graceelizabeth@nlfs.org to RSVP.

  • Lunch and Learn with Staff in Rochester: February 14th, 12  PM – 2 PM

We invite you to spend the afternoon with our Rochester staff team as they share inspiring client testimonies, discuss their experience working at First Care, and encourage you in the mission to honor life. Lunch will be provided. Email leah@nlfs.org to register.