Ultrasound Live Presentations for Your Church or School

New Life Family Services plays a role in the life of our community by being a place that people can go to receive support when they are facing an unintended pregnancy. We seek to be a place that shares the sanctity of life with all, especially in the local church.

One way we do this is through a presentation called Ultrasound Live where we bring our portable ultrasound machine and a nurse to actually preform an ultrasound, live, before a group. We make this an interactive time to learn the facts about pregnancy and see a young life still in the womb.

We work with the church to find a mother from your congregation who is between 11-15 weeks pregnant. When possible, we encourage finding a pregnant woman from your own congregation so you will not only get a glimpse of the life of the child in the womb, but be able to watch the child grow over time and celebrate the birth with that family.

Churches share that this is an informative presentation for those who heard it but even more that it is impactful because of what people are left with: an image of life at its earliest stage. Most find the facts interesting but the active image of a child in the womb amazing!

Most often, we have found this event is most impactful for youth groups to host. The grades that seem to connect best are 8-12, but we also do this for whole church communities for a Sunday service or even between services. Presentations typically run 30-45 minutes.

If your church is interested in hosting Ultrasound Live, email our Church Relations Coordinator at churches@nlfs.org or call 612-746-5645