New Life’s First Care Pregnancy Centers offer unique and holistic care for women, men, and families without judgment or pressure. First Care provides free pregnancy testing, comprehensive STD testing and treatment, ultrasounds, options counseling, post abortion recovery groups, a parenting education program, and information from the MN Department of Health about all pregnancy related options. Here are some recent stories from our offices:


Angela* came in to use our STD testing services. She was 16 years old and had been in sexual relationships since the age of 14. During her appointment, it was evident from her intake and history, she held the belief she was not worthy to be loved, and love was something to be earned. We were able to share with her and affirm that she has value and talk through what a healthy relationship may look like. The look of thankfulness and surprise on her face confirmed this was one of the first times she had heard truth regarding her innate worth and value. We are continually grateful to be a part of these appointments where God uses us to share his love and truth with our clients. Each one of these moments are powerful, even if they do seem small.

John & Clare

As John* and Clare* finished their first year in our Parenting Program, John said, “We have to remember as parents, we are our children’s first and primary teachers. They rely on us to help them learn the right things. Thank you for the opportunity to be here and learn how to do that.” Each week, they watch the parenting videos attentively as they genuinely want to learn how to be the best parents possible. One of our Office Managers said, “I have been encouraged to see a father so involved; a lot of fathers do not realize the important role they play. They were truly grateful for not just the material assistance, but also for the education they are receiving.”


Elizabeth* came to our First Care office last year seeking more information on her pregnancy options, and was particularly interested in abortion. She continued to come back for further appointments with our social worker to talk about all of her options. Finding the support she needed at First Care, Elizabeth ultimately decided to parent and now has a beautiful 6-month-old. She recently came into the office and said, “I’m so glad I made the decision I did.”


Sarah* recently came in for a pregnancy test. She shared she had been in an emotionally abusive relationship for years. She recently came to a point where she had to make a decision about whether to continue the relationship or to take her newborn and other children and leave. After choosing to leave the unhealthy relationship, Sarah began to experience postpartum depression. It was during that time, a Christian neighbor befriended her and started visiting on a daily basis. She had no faith affiliation or background, but was encouraged by her neighbor’s constant prayers and visits. She told our social worker she would not have made it through her experience if it were not for that neighbor.

During the appointment, our social worker saw God’s protection and providence over Sarah’s life. He has not only placed a neighbor in her life who demonstrated God’s kindness through constant visits, but also led her to First Care through a Google ad.  Here she not only found the pregnancy related resources and services she needed, but  emotional and spiritual support as she was pointed towards Christ’s love through our unique services.

*Names changed for confidentiality