Nathaniel and Bethany

When we were dating and starting to discuss our future we discovered that we both had an interest in growing our family through adoption. Over the past 9 years of our marriage we have been blessed to have two biological children, Lincoln who is currently four and a half and Juliet who just turned two. Last year we started asking God if now was the time to start the journey of adding to our family through being a part of someone’s adoption story and He has been confirming that it is.

We met 15 years ago when we were freshmen in college. We grew as friends over the next three years and began dating when we were seniors. We share a love for adventures (including stopping to read the signs in parks and museums). Nathaniel has helped Bethany broaden her horizons when it comes to things like camping and sports and she has helped him enjoy things like theater and traveling more. Though we love to be out and about we also love to curl up with a good book or catch up on one of our favorite shows.

As a family, we love to explore the city of Minneapolis. People often text Bethany asking for a recommendation for a good date night restaurant or coffee shop. She also knows where the best playgrounds and storytimes are. We also travel quite a bit for our work in college ministry. We have been able to travel around the world and the country with our children in tow as we take college students on missions trips to share the good news of Jesus with other people. We love the transformation we get to see in their lives as we mentor them and God changes their life. Nathaniel works with students mostly at the University of Minnesota and Bethany works just one day a week at our headquarters in downtown Minneapolis. She loves that she can be at home and focus on being a mom while still staying involved in ministry.

Nathaniel says that Bethany is highly relational and a fiercely loyal friend. She’s empathetic and always looking for ways to serve those around her as a way to show them her love. She’s also got a memory that is scary good. She’s intelligent, hard-working, and very organized. She even has a Mary Poppins bag that has everything you’d ever need in it. Bethany describes Nathaniel as a fun-loving guy who is often found on the ground wrestling and tickling the kids. He helps the family live in the present and enjoys life as it comes. He’s the type of guy who likes to dive into deep discussions with those around him rather than enjoy small talk, but he’s also quick to start quoting Tommy Boy or Seinfeld or talk sports.

It’s fascinating to watch our kids’ personalities develop. Lincoln is definitely an extrovert like his mom, but fun loving and all boy like his dad. He loves being with other kids and is able to almost instantly make a friend at any playground or new situation. He’s very into cars and superheroes and knows just about every dinosaur’s name. He is a really good big brother, always letting us know if Juliet is into something she shouldn’t be or helping her up if she’s fallen down. Juliet is a bit too young to know exactly what her personality is like, but people often comment on her huge smile and beautiful curly hair. They are both great dancers already, honing their skills at our impromptu dance parties in the kitchen.

Lincoln is very excited to have a new baby brother or sister. He often remarks when people ask him what he thinks about adoption that it will be up to God whether he has a brother or a sister and that only God knows when it will happen. Whenever he says this it is a good reminder to us that we are truly not in control of this situation; we just need to choose to keep walking by faith and putting one foot in front of the other on the path we believe God has called us to.

Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us as a family that could come alongside you and your child if you decide to pursue adoption. We have been praying for you for quite some time now.

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